Sunday, July 17, 2011

Highlighting Our Hygienist Adele

In a typical week at our dental office we clean about twenty to thirty peoples teeth, which is a very important process to us because it can greatly improve your overall health.   It brings you in regularly so we can check for, treat, and manage many problems of the soft tissues in the mouth, and take care of whatever you need before it becomes a bigger problem for you.

So of course it is very important to us to have a skilled hygienist to take care of you when you come in for your cleanings. We are very fortunate to have great hygienist by the name of Adele working for us. Adele is very gentle, which is very good news for all of you with sensitive mouths and she is also one of the most knowledgeable hygienists I have worked with.

Now in case you didn't know a hygienists is a dental professionals that specialize in caring for the patients' gums and underlying bone so they know a lot more than just how to rinse out your mouth.

Besides being a certified hygienist Adele is also certified in using the dental laser to treat a gum disease also known as periodontal disease, which many people don't even know they have because it is painless.  It is completely treatable when caught early on and since non treatment can lead to bone and tooth loss it is something you definitely want to take care of.  It is a good thing we have somebody to help you with that!

Is it time for your next cleaning?  Then come by and meet Adele.  She will take care of you and your teeth very, very well.  

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Volunteer Trip to Israel 2011

During the first two weeks of April this year Dr. Hanna went for the 5th time with an organization called Dental Volunteers for Israel to Israel to offer her services to those below the poverty line in Israel, which is about 1/3 of the population.   Trudi Birger, the founder of DVI, suffered severe dental trauma when the Nazis broke out all of her teeth and she wanted to help other poor children in Israel with their own dental pain.  She hoped they would never have to suffer in the same way that she did so she started DVI about 30 years ago to help the children in Israel.  

Dr. Hanna wanting to use her skills as a dentist to help others in other countries found their website online about 8 years ago and took a chance to be a part of what turned out to be this amazing organization. They provide the state of the art equipment and a place to stay for dentists who come from all over the world to spend a week or two using their skills in dentistry to help the children of Israel. Dr. Hanna especially enjoys helping these children whose grateful faces and hearts are hard to forget.   She also enjoyed helping local dentists there improve their skills in pediatric dentistry, which of course is her specialty. She loves getting meet and work with doctors from all over the world and to treat such a diversity of patients.  Israel has over 100 ethnicities in one little country.   The clinic she worked at regularly treats Jewish, Ethiopian, and Arabic children and she had nothing, but good things to say about the staff there who were so patient and kind to all the children they treated.   

Israel is much safer than you hear in the news.  Dr. Hanna said she feels safer there than often does, here at home in Southern California.  For more information on Dental Volunteers of Israel, the organization Dr Hanna went with to Israel you can click here to go to there website: DVI 

Remember Dr. Hanna loves to help you with your smile.  For location and contact information see the box labeled " more about our office" on the right.